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Unarmed Security Services

 FR1 Security Unarmed Security Services

Unarmed security services involve the provision of security personnel who do not carry weapons or other forms of lethal force. These security officers are responsible for maintaining safety and order on a client’s property, and they may be responsible for tasks such as patrolling the premises, monitoring security cameras, checking IDs, and responding to emergencies.

Unarmed security officers may work in a variety of settings, including office buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and event venues. They may also be responsible for protecting specific individuals or VIPs.

The primary role of unarmed security personnel is to deter crime and protect people and property by maintaining a visible presence and paying attention to their surroundings. They may also be called upon to assist with traffic control, crowd management, and providing information to the public.

In order to become an unarmed security officer, individuals typically need to undergo training and pass a background check. The specific requirements for unarmed security officers vary by state, but most states require security personnel to be at least 18 years old and to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Some states may also require unarmed security officers to be licensed.

Unarmed security officers are not authorized to use physical force to detain or apprehend individuals, and they generally do not have the same powers as law enforcement officers. However, they may be permitted to use non-lethal force in certain situations to protect themselves or others.

Areas We Serve

While our headquarters are located in the Bay Area, we have proudly established a presence in multiple cities up and down the California coast. We understand that each city differs from the next in terms of its risks and its questionable neighborhoods. Our offices have completed extensive local research and training for all possible scenarios with that in mind. They are ready to provide you with quality service with that in mind.









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Elk Grove


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Citrus Heights


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Santa Monica

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Industries We Provide Security Guard Services To

We provide security services to companies in every industry, and we serve clients from all over the world. With our experience and expertise, we can help you protect your employees, your business premises, and your customers.

FR1 Security Commercial Security Services


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FR1 Security Industrial Security Services


What Our Clients Say

I have been extremely impressed with the service provided by FR1 security. Their security guards are professional, reliable, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the safety and security of our property.

Rick Stevsons, Los Angeles

Highly Recommended!!! One of the best professional security services providers with the best competitive price.They have been a valuable asset to our organization and I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of top-notch security services.

Britney D’Melo, Santa Cruz

FR1 Security is a go-to company for me. Their security guards at our annual event were friendly and helpful, making sure our guests feel welcome and safe. But for us, the interaction and communication we had with the company was much better.They were kind and interested in learning how they could provide us the best service. They are highly professional and they have always kept our events safe.

Jacob Green, Wilton

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Protecting People, Proptery & Assets Since 2010

Why Choose Us?

In Business Since 2001

With over 20 years of experience in the security industry, we’ve been protecting businesses since 2001.

24/7 Onsite Security Guards

We provide round-the-clock protection with our dedicated onsite security guards available 24/7.

Competitive Rates

We offer competitive rates for our security services without compromising on quality.

Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Our security company is fully licensed, insured, and bonded, providing you with peace of mind.

24/7 Reliable Dispatch

Our dispatch service is available 24/7 ensuring you have reliable and quick response when you need it.

BSIS trained Security Guards

Our security guards are highly trained and certified by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) to provide the highest level of protection.

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